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Smartcard Enrolment Extender

The Trust/Link Smartcard Enrolment Extender facilitates the rollout of digital certificates for large deployments of smartcards, such as in eID programmes.

QuoVadis has significant experience in delivering eID programmes requiring careful coordination of: 

  • Face-to-face identity validation of users 
  • Personalisation of the smartcards with user details (including name, photo, etc.)
  • Secure distribution of the smartcards, readers, and user guides 
  • Provisioning of the digital certificates

The QuoVadis Smartcard Enrolment Extender provides flexibility by allowing the secure remote provisioning of digital certificates after smartcards have been delivered to their users (and ensuring that private keys are under the unique control of the user).

Users simply visit a webpage hosted by QuoVadis, customised for the eID programme, to commence a Java-based wizard that automates the process of setting up their computer and installing their digital certificates, reducing user confusion and demands for helpdesk support.

The QuoVadis Smartcard Enrolment Extender : 

  • Enacts a simple wizard that automates the installation of required software (such as smartcard middleware) for the user’s computer; 
  • Supports a range of authentication methods such as existing shared secrets, OTP devices, and other two-factor mechanisms to identify the user; 
  • Allows QuoVadis to confirm that the smartcard being used for the enrolment is the card that was personalised and issued to that user; 
  • Allows QuoVadis to remotely generate keypairs on the smartcard, to communicate with the QuoVadis Card Management System and CA selecting the appropriate certificate policies and approved content, and to install certificates back on the smartcard; 
  • Automates the creation and installation of multiple certificates (for example, allowing separate certificates for Qualified/signing, authentication, and encryption) in one simple process; 
  • Facilitates future reissues or renewals of digital certificates on the smartcard.

Trust/Link Enterprise provides in-depth reports on certificate enrolment rates.

QuoVadis has deployed the Trust/Link Smartcard Enrolment Extender in conjunction with major Card Management Systems and smartcard vendors.