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BYOD Extender for Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

QuoVadis BYOD Extender provides a simple solution to enable Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications to leverage the power of QuoVadis’ Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI.

With the growth of BYOD, organisations wish to regain their control over mobile devices using MDM solutions to centrally manage policies as well as to deploy digital certificates on corporate smartphones and other personal devices that connect to their online resources.

BYOD Extender enables the organisation’s MDM solutions to seamlessly provision certificates from the QuoVadis managed PKI.


Digital Certificate Autoenroll using SCEP

Many organisations prefer the use of a managed PKI to avoid the cost, complexity, and risk of maintaining their own internal Certificate Authority (CA). In addition, the use of QuoVadis trusted root certificates reduces deployment issues across the spectrum of mobile devices.

The highly automated process is frictionless for the end user, reducing manual interaction and subsequent support demands. Easily deployed, the BYOD Extender allows secure communication between the MDM solution and the managed PKI via Trust/Link Enterprise using https and digitally signed requests.

BYOD Extender uses pre-approved templates for the organization, allowing straight through processing of certificate requests, while reducing the risk of inappropriate certificate issuance.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows MDM solutions to integrate with the QuoVadis managed PKI for the provisioning of digital certificates.
  • “Certificates as a Service” using the Trust/Link Enterprise system provides more reliable costs and reduced complexity compared to internal CA. 
  • Rapid setup and enablement using the BYOD Extender software, enabling secure communication between the MDM solution and QuoVadis. 
  • Uses industry standard SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol). 
  •  Pre-approved certificate templates from QuoVadis enforce controls over certificate contents, while enabling straight through processing. 
  • Use of QuoVadis certificates, widely trusted on mobile devices, reduces deployment issues. 
  • Full reporting on certificate production via Trust/Link dashboard. 
  • Proven solution from experienced and audited digital certificate provider.