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sealsign Digital Signature Software

QuoVadis sealsign® provides a scalable solution to apply and validate legally-binding digital signatures on electronic documents, with simple integration into existing systems and processes.

The sealsign digital signature and validation solution supports the legally binding signing of any electronic file. With the use of digital signatures, the recipient is assured of the authenticity and integrity of a file/document, as well as the time of its creation.

sealsign offers detached signatures (CMS/PKCS#7 as described in IETF RFC 5652) as well as the generation of embedded signatures for PDF, UN/EDIFACT or XML documents.

If required, external time-stamps from the QuoVadis Qualified Time Stamp Authority can be embedded or used separately. In addition, sealsign supports the verification of all supported signature types and can create an archival validation report.

sealsign supports encryption and decryption of documents and data using digital certificates.

The sealsign solution is platform-independent with supported operating systems including Oracle® Java™, Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, UNIX, or Solaris. Alternatively, sealsign is offered as a turnkey appliance including server, operating system, HSM, and sealsign software.

sealsign supports signature creation devices (SSCD) including USB tokens and smart cards, HSMs (Hardware Security Modules), and soft-tokens (PKCS#12 / P12 files). Multiple devices can be used simultaneously.

sealsign is highly scalable and is well-suited for high volume signing activity.

sealsign can be called via a web service, but also delivers a file-based interface, or access using an SDK (Java or .NET) that is integrated directly into applications. Integration into existing environments – in particular archiving systems, DMS, ERP, CRP, etc. – is fast and easy with sealsign.

sealsign® Features

  • Multitenant
  • Platform independent
  • Scalable parallel processing
  • Support for all document formats
  • Choice of signature formats (CMS/PKCS#7, PDF, EDI, XML, time-stamp)
  • Choice of certificate validation methods (internal, OCSP, CRL)
  • Verification of signatures including output of validation in different formats (Text, PDF, XML) and languages (English, German), or in the form of a composite document (portfolio PDF)
  • Certificate based encryption/ decryption of documents and data
  • Inclusion of time-stamps
  • Hash and signature algorithms (SHA-1 to SHA-512, RSA)
  • Encryption algorithms (AES, 3DES)
  • Simultaneous handling of different signature creation devices (USB Token, smart card, HSM or soft-token)
  • Comprehensive yet easy to use web service (SOAP) interface
  • File-based batch processing of different input and output folders, individual time scheduling and filtering of file extensions
  • Direct integration via SDK for Java or .NET
  • Support for proxy servers