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Signing and Validation Service

The QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service provides a managed service for enterprises to easily integrate digital signatures into existing systems and processes with minimal installation of on-premise software.  Usage based fees include all required digital certificates and use of the high reliability QuoVadis signing platform.

With QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service, a Broker module is easily installed at the customer allowing fast integration with existing software such as document management systems or archive applications.  When signing is invoked, the Broker creates a cryptographic hash of the orginal file which is securely communicated to QuoVadis for remote signing.  The legible original documents do not leave the system environment of the customer.  After signing, the Broker reintroduces the signature as required into the customer's documents or workflow.

At QuoVadis, customer signing keys are protected in Secure Signature Creation Devices (Hardware Security Modules) with appropriate authentication for access to key materials.

QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service is highly scalable and is well-suited for high volume activity for either detached digital signatures (CMS/PKCS#7 as described in IETF RFC 5652) or embedded digital signatures for PDF, UN/EDIFACT or XML documents.  If required, external time-stamps from the QuoVadis Qualified Time-Stamp Authority can be embedded or used separately.

QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service can also provide validation reports that document that digital signatures and digital certificates were valid at a specific time, fulfilling national and industry regulatory requirements.

QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service is platform-independent and provides fast and simple integration into existing IT environments using web services, a file-based interface, or SDK (Java or .NET).  

QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service Features

  • Managed "signing as a cloud service" for legally binding digital signatures
  • Fees are based on signing volume and include dedicated digital certificates for the customer as well as time-stamps and validation support
  • Rapid enablement with no investment in onsite software or cryptographic devices
  • Configurable for different signing requirements
  • High scalable for changing customer needs
  • Fast integration with a QuoVadis Broker module for customer applications using web services, file-based batch processing, or SDK.
  • Support for all document formats
  • Choice of signature formats (CMS/PKCS#7, PDF, EDI, XML, time-stamp) as well as CAdES, XAdES and PAdES (AdES-BES and AdES-T)
  • Choice of certificate validation methods (internal, OCSP, CRL)
  • Verification of signatures including output of validation in different formats (Text, PDF, XML) and languages, or in the form of a composite document (portfolio PDF)
  • Hash and signature algorithms (SHA-1 to SHA-512, RSA)
  • Support for proxy servers