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Trust/Link Enterprise

QuoVadis Trust/Link Enterprise is a managed service that allows corporate administrators to easily manage the full lifecycle of their digital certificates, from issuance through renewal or revocation, across numerous departments and locations.

Using Trust/Link Enterprise, organisations can establish a PKI within a matter of days, using QuoVadis’ public CAs to issue certificates for their users with no investment in CA infrastructure or operations.

Trust/Link Enterprise offers a wide variety of digital certificate types, including both End User and SSL, which can be assigned by group and administrator within your organisation. The same Trust/Link implementation may be used to fulfil both your SSL and End User digital certificate needs for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Highly flexible, the Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI allows the client to maintain control of their certificate population. The system supports delegated administration and provides excellent reporting and notification tools. Trust/Link provides multiple options for user registration and authentication, including batch or manual issuance by administrators as well as user self-service.

Trust/Link Enterprise also provides an API allowing tight integration where certificates will be issued from or used in conjunction with in-house web applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use Web console, evolved through QuoVadis’ years of experience providing outsourced PKI services.
  • Rapid rollout, with no client investment in CA infrastructure or operations, and real time issuance of certificates.
  • Dependable costs with no hidden fees: includes PKI and RA interface, support, directory and validation services, and the actual certificates.
  • Can issue either SSL or End User certificates (or any combination by organisation within the account).
  • Easily scalable to large numbers of users.
  • Ability to customise by group: administrator roles and workflows, signup forms, certificate templates, and notification emails.
  • Unlimited administrators with secure certificate-based access.
  • Audited policies and procedures to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements. Chained to widely distributed QuoVadis roots.