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PKI for the Internet of Things

With remarkable speed and ingenuity, physical devices are being connected to the Internet, allowing the creation of new features and efficiency for both users and service providers. However, in this new Internet of Things (IoT), it is crucial to identify and secure these connected devices as they become more intelligent, collect and transmit more information, and allow greater remote control.

Digital certificates are a well-established tool for enabling trustworthy interactions between devices, whether on the Internet or private networks. QuoVadis’ proven managed PKI solutions provide the flexible platform for securing the Internet of Things (IoT), whether the project involves thousands or millions of devices.

Features and Benefits

  • QuoVadis’ PKI-as-a-Service and flexible business models help minimize CAPEX, align costs with revenue, and accelerate deployment.
  • Leverage QuoVadis’ investment in secure and resilient hosting facilities, high performance PKI, and audit against industry standards.
  • High volume CA services capable of issuing thousands of certificates per second, delivered via modern web services.
  • Custom certificate policies tailored to the IoT device capabilities, including alternative algorithms, flexible validity periods, and custom EKUs.
  • Certificates can be issued in bulk or individually.
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing functions.
  • Support for managed private CA or publicly trusted certificates.