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QuoVadis Secure E-Mail Certificates

The QuoVadis Secure E-Mail Certificate may be issued to persons allowing signing, encryption and authentication. Secure E-Mail Certificates may be used for legally binding signing of documents and data, as long as the parties have agreed and there is no qualified “in writing” requirement.

The Secure E-Mail Certificate is a Soft-Token Certificate (P12 file) and applicable only in conjunction with a locally installed E-Mail application.

Signing of PDF documents (including automatic recognition in Adobe) requires a USB Token or Smartcard (possible only with the advanced personal certificate).   

The certificate may optionally show the name of the organisation (company, organisation, association etc.), the organisational unit, and/or function of the Certificate Holder.

Certificates are issued by QuoVadis Registration Authorities (RAs), which determine if the Applicant is an individual or a company employee. The standard term of the certificate is 3 years.

The issuance of the certificate requires the following:

For certificates with company registration or using corporate E-Mail addresses:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Copy of current company registration document

Companies and organisations which apply for multiple certificates may use a simplified signup procedure.  Please contact QuoVadis at info.be@quovadisglobal.com.