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Qualified Certificates

Qualified Certificates are designed to fulfil the requirements of ETSI TS 101.456 and ETSI TS 101.862. They may only be issued by QuoVadis or its authorised Registration Authorities (RA) following a face-to-face verification of the user and government-issued photographic identification.

Qualified Certificates must be issued on a compliant SSCD container such as a PKI smartcard or USB token. Qualified Certificates can only be used for electronic signatures. Qualified electronic signatures are admissible as proof, and have the direct legal effect of handwritten signatures.

Qualified Certificates may only be issued to natural persons, in their personal capacity or as a corporate/organisational representative (if that organisation, relationship, and authority has also been verified). The Qualified Certificate may use a pseudonym instead of the name of the certificate holder.

Qualified Certificates are sometimes required for the submission of European tenders. Click here for more information.