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Advanced Certificates

As an accredited certification services provider, QuoVadis offers an array of certificate policies suited to different purposes.  Certificate policies vary according to the identification and authentication requirements as well as the use of secure signature creation devices (SSCD).

Advanced Certificates provide reliable vetting of the holder’s identity and may be used for a wider range of applications including digital signatures, encryption, and authentication.

They may be issued by QuoVadis or its authorised RAs on the basis of face-to-face verification or receipt of notarised documents. They may also be issued by corporate RAs using the Trust/Link system to their employees and counterparties.

Advanced Certificates may be issued on SSCD or in soft format. Advanced electronic signatures are admissible as proof and have legal effect, which must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Advanced Certificates may only be issued to natural persons, in their personal capacity or as a corporate/organisational representative (if that organisation, relationship, and authority has also been verified). Advanced Certificates may use pseudonyms.