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Public Services - Preferred provider

Certificates for Public Services

Access to public services in Belgium requires in most cases an authentication via a certificate. The QuoVadis digital certificates are accepted and/or supported by the following national services:

Belgian Public Services

  • E-box
  • E-procurement
  • Federale Service Bus
  • Intervat
  • National Bank of Belgium (the Central Balance Sheet Office)
  • Tax-on-Web (CSAM)


The eBox is the platform for online services of social security. This digital mailbox allows every citizen to receive centralized and secure official documents of the social security institutions.  Learn More


Publicprocurement.be is the procurement portal of the Public Procurement Agency of the Federal Public Service Personnel and Organisation in cooperation with the Public Procurement Agency of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.  Learn More

Federale Service Bus

The Federal Service Bus (FSB) is the platform on which different web services are available through a clear and unified interface. These make the authentic sources within the government databases available.  Fedict guarantees access to these authoritative sources and the fast exchange of information in a uniform and secure way through the Federal Service Bus. Learn More


INTERVAT is the electronic reporting VAT via the internet in Belgium. The Intervat application allows to submit certain documents manually or by XML file using a secure electronic link. Learn More

National Bank (Balanscentrale)

As part of the mission entrusted by the legislature, the Central Balance Sheet Office (CBSO) collects and handles the annual accounts of nearly all legal entities active in Belgium and makes these accounts available for the public. These data are also used for compiling statistics and financial analyses.  Learn More

Tax-on-Web (Authentication via CSAM)

Tax-on-Web is the online service for the personal tax return using a secure connection.  Learn More