Accreditations and Supervision

Certification authority users require assurance that their provider consistently meets high standards for security. QuoVadis maintains an array of independent audits and accreditations pertinent to the jurisdictions and industries of our multinational clients, including certification as a Qualified CSP under ETSI standards.

Belgium Qualified Certification Services Provider
QuoVadis is Supervised as an issuer of Qualified Certificates by the Belgian FPS Economy - Quality and Safety.
Netherlands and EU Qualified Certification Services Provider
QuoVadis is certified by BSI for compliance with Dutch and European law (TTP.NL Scheme for Certification Authorities against the requirements of the ETSI EN 319 411-2 standard for Trust Service Providers issuing Qualified certificates).  The certification requires an annual audit of QuoVadis.
Netherlands PKI Overheid
QuoVadis is a Certificate Service Provider for PKIoverheid, the PKI designed for trustworthy communication within and with the Dutch Government.  QuoVadis is certified by BSI for compliance against the requirements of ETSI EN 319 411-2 for Qualified personal certificates, and against the requirements of ETSI TS 102 042 for service/server certificates issued under the Staat der Nederlanden Root.
Netherlands e-Recognition / eHerkenning
QuoVadis is an accredited provider in the Dutch e-Recognition programme. eHerkenning is a trust framework to facilitate business-to-government identity and authorisation.
ISO/IEC 27001
QuoVadis Trustlink BV is certified by QMS for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 "Information Security Management Systems Requirements Specification" (formerly known as BS7799-2). ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally-recognised certificate for evaluating how securely an organisation manages and stores its information and data. The certification requires an annual audit of QuoVadis.
WebTrust for Certification Authorities
WebTrust for CAs is the dominant commercial standard to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of controls deployed by a Certification Authority. Developed and managed jointly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), WebTrust for CAs requires an annual audit.
WebTrust for Extended Validation
WebTrust for Extended Validation is used to assess a CA’s controls against the CA/B Forum “Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of EV Certificates.”  Only suitably accredited CAs may issue EV SSL.  WebTrust for EV requires an annual audit.
WebTrust for Baseline Requirements
WebTrust for Baseline Requirements is used to assess a CA’s controls against the CA/B Forum “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates”.  WebTrust for BR requires an annual audit.
ZertES Qualified Certification Services Provider
ZertES is granted by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) and the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM) based on an audit by KPMG. It is based on Swiss law and on ETSI standards for Qualified Certification Service Providers (CSP) and Time Stamping Authorities. It requires an annual audit.
The EUGridPMA coordinates the trust fabric for e-Science Grid authentication in Europe. QuoVadis operates a managed CA for EuroGridPMA members that is accredited to meet the Authentication Profile of the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF). Other IGTF members include APGridPMA for the Asia-Pacific region and TAGPMA for the Americas.