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QuoVadis is First to Launch for SuisseID, Partners with Trueb AG
27 Apr 2010

QuoVadis is the first provider to rollout the new Swiss national electronic ID called SuisseID, signing up the Swiss Bar Association and its 9,000 lawyers.

The Swiss Government announced SuisseID (http://www.suisseID.com/) in 2009 as both an economic stimulus for the IT sector and as a public sector boost for e-commerce. The programme will create the country’s first standardised electronic credential, a digital certificate carried on a secure smartcard. The goal is that a SuisseID credential will be accepted by many different businesses and websites, easing the burden of managing access control lists and passwords.

According to QuoVadis CEO Roman Brunner, “QuoVadis has operated in Switzerland for more than 5 years as a Government-accredited issuer. In Europe there is significant interest in using digital certificates to enable online efficiency with proper security. We have invested heavily to prepare for SuisseID, which is generating significant momentum across the region for secure online transactions”.

SuisseID credentials will be issued to both individuals as well as to business representatives, validating the relationship and role with the organization linked with their identity. QuoVadis is one of two providers authorised to issue for both individuals and businesses.

The SuisseID credentials have several uses: they may be used instead of passwords to access a variety of participating websites, to encrypt information for privacy, and to create legally valid digital signatures. QuoVadis’ new client, the Swiss Bar Association, will use SuisseID to confirm lawyers’ qualifications and to allow digital notarisation of documents using digital signatures and PDF files.

In 2010, the SuisseID programme intends to issue 300,000 credentials. To help achieve critical mass, the Swiss Federal Government will subsidise the cost of issuing the certificates, and has offered incentives for corporate “pioneer projects” to use them. So far, more than 200 organisations have signed up to become SuisseID-enabled.

For the mass production of the SuisseID smartcards, QuoVadis is working with Trueb AG (http://www.trueb.ch/), a leading international provider of electronic cards and governmental identity documents. On May 1, QuoVadis will launch a web storefront (http://suisseid-shop.ch/) where users may register for their SuisseID and generate a PDF application form, which may then be taken a variety of locations (including an array of municipal and city governments, as well as retail outlets like the ‘mobilezone’ chain, across Switzerland) for the face-to-face confirmation of ID documents.

See more at https://suisseid-shop.ch/.